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If you have a big celebration or special occasion where you want to look and feel your best, don’t delay, contact a personal trainer in Clifton, NJ immediately. While the longer you have the more improvement you’ll make with the help of a personal trainer, but even a month or two can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Your special occasion may be a wedding, class reunion or the holidays, it doesn’t matter. Toning your muscles and shedding a few pounds can help you look your best.

A trainer knows how to achieve results faster and in a healthier manner.

Not all trainers work the same. Some just provide help with an exercises program, while others provide nutritional information and exercise help. Either one will help you make a difference in your appearance, but the trainer that provides both nutritional information and a workout program can get faster results. That’s because you’ll not only learn how to eat foods that provide all the nutrients you need, but without the extra calories, so you’ll be lowering your caloric intake. When you’re working out, you’ll be increasing your caloric output. The combination of the two helps shed pounds more quickly.

Don’t worry ladies, you won’t start looking like the Incredible Hulk!

While you will build muscles, you won’t bulk up if you’re a woman. Women don’t have the right hormonal makeup to have that occur with this level of exercise. Those female body builders you see workout far more and some even take supplements to build more muscle tissue. Instead, the muscle tissue you build will be sinewy and sexy. You’ll replace fat with leaner muscles, whittle down your weight and look gorgeous.

Learning to eat healthier isn’t dieting.

You won’t ever feel deprived or starved when you eat healthier. In fact, most people find they’re actually eating more than normal. You’ll simply learn how to choose food more carefully and eat those that are loaded with nutrition, but lower in calories. You’ll find out how to make food substitutions, such as eating brown or whole grain rice rather than white rice to boost your nutrition while saving calories. Sometimes, simple things like having a healthy snack ready, instead of hitting the snack machine or candy counter can be a huge calorie savings.

You’ll notice the energy boost quickly when you workout with a trainer, even before you see physical results. That helps you get more done quicker, so you have more free time to be active in other ways that help lose weight.

You’ll be so proud of how you look, that choosing the right clothing will be easier. Everything you try on will look great on your new body.

The more time you have before your special event, the better. In fact, for things like class reunions, where you know approximately when it will occur, you can start months before the event to look your best.

Even better than looking great, you’ll be feeling fabulous and reduce your risk of serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

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