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If you’re trying to shed a few pounds or just want to feel and look better, you might consider Montclair personal training to help guide you to your goals. There are all types of personal trainers. Some strictly work with athletes, others may only specialize in exercise, not offering nutritional help. The best type of personal trainer for the average person, who specifically wants to lose weight, is one that offers both nutritional counseling and a personalized program of exercise.

You can’t exercise away pounds if you’re eating the wrong high calorie foods.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to assume that they can workoff calories and drop pounds just by adding exercise to their workout. While it’s true, you’ll lose weight, but in a slower manner, if and only if you don’t increase your caloric intake. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many times when clients congratulate themselves on a healthy workout by treating themselves to their favorite sugary treat. In order to lose one pound you have to consume 3500 fewer calories than you burn. If you crave a hot fudge sundae, you’d have to run for an hour and a half…and that’s if the sundae was a small one.

There’s a big difference between learning how to eat healthy and a diet.

Trainers won’t give you a diet. Diets don’t work. That’s because they always end, either with a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies or in victory with the weight lost. When it ends in success, unfortunately you go back to your normal eating habits and the weight returns. Then you have to go on another diet and it starts all over again. Instead, the trainer teaches you how to make better selections when it comes to selecting food. He or she will how you how to make food substitutions, such as using applesauce to substitute for some of the oil or sugar in baked goods or something as simple as choosing fresh fruit over a candy bar for a snack.

Of course, exercise plays an important part in your effort to shed pounds.

Not only does exercise help you burn calories to add to your weight loss effort, it also builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does, so the more you have, the higher your metabolism will be. Muscle tissue also weight more per cubic inch than fat, so even if you don’t lose weight, you’ll look thinner. It’s like comparing the container for a pound of feathers to one holding a pound of lead.

You’ll have more energy when you workout regularly and want to do more active things when you’re not exercising. That helps you shed weight, too.

Not only does a healthy diet and regular exercise help you shed pounds, they also help lower the risk for serious conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

Not only will you take weight off quickly with a program of regular exercise and a healthy diet, you’ll keep it off permanently and never have to diet again.

Working out burns off the hormones created by stress, such as cortisol. Cortisol has been linked to hard to remove visceral fat—abdominal fat.

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