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If you and your special someone have dedicated a whole night to the two of you, why not expand that a bit and change your routine. A Montclair boot camp could be the perfect date night that keeps on giving. You’ll be working out more than just one night a week, but it will only take 45 minutes from start to finish. On your date night, you can stop at your favorite restaurant for a healthy meal or go home and create a healthy meal for two.

Don’t worry if you have different needs, goals or levels of fitness.

You may want to lose 10 pounds and look trimmer, while your partner just want to add muscle and boost their energy level. Both of you will achieve the results you want, even though you’re working out together. That’s because the trainer first listens to each participant’s goals, learns each person’s special needs and identifies that person’s fitness level.

It may look like you’re all doing the same exercises, but each person’s goal will be different.

Once the trainer does his or her initial interview with a client and creates a program, each person’s program will be different. While everyone in the boot camp may look like they’re doing the same exercise, there will be different levels of intensity, number of reps and some may even use a different form. For instance, those of normal fitness may do push-ups in the traditional position, while those less fit may be doing bent knee position.

You’ll have fun at the boot camp while getting healthier.

Boot camps are actually fun. Everyone is in the same boat, working their hardest to shed pounds or get fitter. Since each person has his or her own goals that are tough, there’s plenty of empathy from other participants and also a lot of support. You’ll often hear people cheering each other on to victory to finish their goals or high-fiving after a task is completed. Everyone will be huffing and puffing while they workout, but afterward it changes to laughter.

Some of the better personal trainers offer nutritional information, too. You’ll learn healthier eating and can create special meals for each other.

Eating healthier isn’t dieting. Dieting doesn’t work. Instead it means choosing food smarter to get maximum nutrition with minimum calories.

You’ll both increase your energy level as you get fitter.

You’ll be amazed at how getting fitter can help improve your libido. Your love life will be better and really, isn’t that part of what date night is all about.

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