Group Training

So, what exactly is Group Fitness Training?

Group Fitness Training provides a fun workout that will keep you on your toes with short rest time and intense intervals. Each group class is lead by one of our trainers with the goal of each class to push your body in order to burn stubborn body fat and build muscle quickly.

Group fitness training sessions last 45 minutes and include warm-ups and gentle stretching at the beginning as well as a cool-down stretch at the end. you are welcome to attend as many sessions as you like. Group Fitness training sessions are held in our Bloomfield, NJ location.

We know how important having correct nutrition is to attaining your fitness and weight loss goals so we offer free group nutrition to our group training clients and private nutrition counseling as an extra charge to leave no guess work in how you should be eating.


  • 80% of people never utilize their membership
  • same, repetitive workouts with little results
  • no supervision to correct improper form while exercising
  • no nutritional guidance unless you pay extra
  • no accountability or motivation


  • over 90% of members are training regularly
  • fun & challenging workouts changed daily for maximum results
  • certified personal trainers 0ffer guidance and show proper form
  • free nutritional counseling to help you learn what and how you should be eating
  • support & motivation from friendly trainers and other members

NJ Fitness Factory can accommodate everyone regardless of being highly athletic or new to working out. All you have to do is give it your best effort and have the right mindset to stick to it once you start. The support of Dave, the trainers, and your fellow classmates will help to keep you motivated and focused on the end results.

Our group fitness sessions are different from boot camp classes. Many of the members that join the group fitness program have limited workout experience and are not in good shape before they start. There will be no boot camp drill sergeant blowing a whistle at you. You will be comfortable and feel like NJ Fitness Factory is a 2nd home.

real people. real results.




The tried and tested workout program at NJ Fitness Factory provides the fat loss and fitness results you want with the motivation and accountability you need to achieve the body you deserve.

  • 6 weeks of unlimited training & fun!
  • Short 45 minute classes
  • Free of injury
  • No intimidation & very welcoming
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Four 30-minute personal training sessions only $89

Whether it is fat-loss, adding muscle tone and definition, improving overall, or all of the above, try our Introductory offer so we can show you how we can help you reach your goals today. 

  • Customized to fit YOUR needs
  • A schedule that works for you
  • 1-on-1 with expert coaches
  • Accountability
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