Debunking The Top 5 Metabolism Myths

top 5 metabolism myths
Debunking The Top 5 Metabolism Myths

For many people, their metabolism becomes an enemy, something undermining your success at every turn seemingly no matter what you try. However, when harnessed correctly, your metabolism can become a great friend, and a close ally in the quest for improved fitness. Take a look at the following top metabolism myths and how to debunk them.

Metabolism Isn’t Working if You’re Not

Your metabolism isn’t on a 9 to 5 schedule. That means that it’s working all day and night long, even if you’re not in the gym. That also means that you can’t get away with eating excessively just because it’s not a midnight snack. That calorie loaded burger and fry combo meal you had at lunch, with the milkshake for good measure, counts just as heavily against you at noon as it would at midnight.

Ultimately, this means that you need to eat smarter all throughout the day, choosing small, healthy snacks to provide you with the energy you need. Even when you go to sleep, you can rest easy knowing your metabolism is still working on your behalf.

Metabolism is Uncontrollable

Another one of the common metabolism myths is that it can’t be controlled or harnessed. That’s not true. You may never have the superstar athletic genes of an Olympian, but you can move your metabolism in the right direction.

You’ll increase your metabolism by lifting weights, and spurring on muscle growth, by consistently getting enough sleep, by properly hydrating and drinking enough water, and by eating enough protein with your meals. Caffeine can even give your metabolism a boost. Of course, skip the latte, and go for a cup of tea instead.

If You’re Skinny, Your Metabolism is High

Individuals who are naturally the skinniest do not necessarily have the highest natural metabolism. In some ways the opposite is true, and people who are very thin have low metabolisms, as their bodies are seeking ways to help them store excess energy supplies in the form of more bodyweight.

That doesn’t mean of course that just by gaining weight, you increase your metabolism. However, if you gain lean muscle mass with some hard work in the gym, as mentioned above, you will indeed kick start your metabolism to higher levels.

Metabolism Decreases Drastically with Age

Just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean that your metabolism suddenly drops down off a cliff somewhere. Yes, your metabolism will slow a bit as the years turn into decades. However, the culprit here is typically a corresponding loss of muscle mass, not your metabolism itself.

That’s why incorporating enough resistance and strength training into your fitness routine is crucial. That will help you maintain that muscle mass, and in turn, keep the metabolism revving on high.

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