Paul’s Nutley Group Training Testimonial

nutley group training testimonial
Paul’s Nutley Group Training Testimonial


Here is Paul’s story:

My name is Paul. I’ve lost about 65 pounds, thanks in great part to New Jersey Fitness Factory.
Back in August of 2014, I weighed close to 270 pounds and I just was not feeling well at all.
It was hard to walk up stairs. I was huffing and puffing and just getting around. Basically, through the day was tough and so I knew I needed to make a change.
And I saw a before and after picture from a friend of mine on his Facebook page showing the weight he had lost by working out and doing the nutritional program at New Jersey Fitness Factory.
So I thought, I should try this. And so I did.
I’m very thankful that I did.
I’m 49 years old. When I was in high school I wrestled so I learned about hard work in terms of exercise and also how to be diligent about your dietary choices.

As you get older and things change in your life – you have different responsibilities and your time is compromised, it’s harder and harder really to do the things you need to do in terms of your health.

Coming into the Nutley group training program at New Jersey Fitness Factory, it really brought me back in time to my days in wrestling. Because it made me really think about the discipline but also the mindset.
You want to get healthy so you commit yourself to the exercises and you do the best you can.
Also with the menu that they offer you, it’s very doable.

You know, I don’t starve – I eat 5 times a day – it’s all good food, it’s all natural and it’s really just a great way to approach your everyday life. It’s not a diet plan as much as it’s a lifestyle change.

I would say that some of the greatest aspects of NJ Fitness Factory are the accountability, they’ll meet with you and go over your food log – what you’re doing and also ask how you’re doing with your exercising and monitor that. But also, just the encouragement, starting with the trainers. You can talk with the trainers anytime, tell them whatever aches and pains you are having.

And they’ll modify the exercises for you, let you do whatever you need to get the most benefit.

And they’ll also encourage you. It’s not just the owners and the trainers, but also, the people that are working out with you.

It becomes like a family type situation where you’re there to encourage each other.

Just had another tough workout but a good workout. I feel great. You know the workouts here – they are tough. You have to be ready to work when you come, but that’s all part of the mindset. Again, you go at your own pace. The trainers will modify for you if you an injury or if you’re having trouble with something, they’ll help you do an alternate exercise that works for you.

And that’s really important. I mean, again, I’m a little awkward, I’m not all that coordinated, but I’ve found the key for me is to just keep moving. Even if the form is not exactly correct, keep moving, get the work in on the different body parts that you’re trying to exercise.

One more thing I cannot stress enough, I wrestled in High School as I mentioned and I have injuries, I have a bad back, bad knees, bad ankles. I have arthritis all over my body and I’m doing this!

If I can do this, you can do it too. You just have to know your limits. Know how hard you can push and really, it’s in your mind. If you can will yourself to get through the 45 minutes, you’ll do it. And you’ll see the benefits from it like I have.

Again, I can’t recommend the Nutley group training program at NJ Fitness Factory highly enough.

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