Karen’s Inspirational Testimonial

karen's testimonial
Karen’s Inspirational Testimonial

karen's testimonial from BloomfieldHey guys, Marc here. We’ve always been big on tracking our clients progress by weighing and measuring. But to be honest weighing yourself everyday or even every week is a big mistake. If you’re currently doing that I’d encourage you to stop. NOW. Let clothes sizes be your indicator for success. If you have 50 pounds or more to lose and the scale is not budging then there’s something that needs to be addressed…exercise, diet, or hormonal imbalance. 98% of the time it’s one of the 1st two. But if you have 10-20 pounds you want to lose and the scale doesn’t move BUT you are fitting into smaller clothes then you are succeeding!

I’ve heard alot of people ask: is it because muscle weighs more than fat? Well not really. It’s just that muscle is more dense. See 5 pounds of muscle equals 5 pounds of fat. They’re both 5 pounds. The difference is that muscle takes up less space.
It’s very possible to slowly gain muscle and slowly lose fat and see the scale stay the same.

Our client Karen has had a similar result and has really come a long way. I wanted to feature Karen this week because she recently came to us with some serious news. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I couldn’t believe it. I think the big shocker for me was how strong she was. She said to me, “I’d rather be here than stuck at home thinking about it.” Karen has been fairly public about her diagnosis and gave me permission to speak about it. She said she wants to increase awareness and help other women fight this disease.

Sometimes doing what needs to be done is about perspective and realizing that there’s always someone in a tougher situation that is getting the job done. We all are busy. Have families. Responsibilities. Are tired. Get unmotivated. But when I see a woman getting herself to the gym that just received that diagnosis, I know anyone can muster the mental strength to get themselves there. Karen you’re an inspiration to us all and we will be right here fighting with you.

Never ever give up,
Karen’s Story

“Like most of the women I know, I was a slave to the scale obsessing over the number as if it had some magical powers. Here’s what is finally sinking in after joining NJ Fitness Factory…the scale is not the be all & end all of my progress. When I first walked into NJFF, I already belonged to another gym for a while and had lost some weight. I bought a one month membership to give myself some variety and I never left. That was ten months ago!

When I first joined I was squeezing into a size 10. I can now slip into a size 8 without hesitation (sometimes even a size 6!) I recently purchased a dress in the Juniors department to wear to a destination wedding. The dress only zipped about halfway but I really liked it and felt it was the perfect dress for beach wedding in Punta Cana. I brought it home and hung it where I had to see it everyday. I asked Frank, who I worked with one on one to show me what I needed to do to make that dress zip. Between my sessions with him and the group sessions, that dress zipped without hesitation. The number on the scale did not change all that much but my body did. Not only do I feel strong, but I can see muscles I forgot that I had. One of my greatest joys in life is being a grandma…but not looking and feeling like one!
I am thankful that I walked in that day! I am thankful that the entire staff made me feel welcome. I am most thankful for the friends that I have made and the love and support they give me as I continue on my journey.”
– Karen
Bloomfield, NJ

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