Fernando’s Success Story

Fernando’s Success Story

There’s a small percentage of people in the entire world that want to lose 100 pounds and can say they’ve done it. My client Fernando is one of those people. Starting Weight = 329 lbs.

Ending Weight = 228 lbs.

He started with us in Jan 2015 and by Nov 2015 he lost 100 lbs. His goal was to lose 100 pounds this year. He may have made it look easy BUT I met with him once a month every month since Jan and I know this is not a case of luck or good fortune.

This guy busted his butt every single week at the gym. And he followed our nutrition program. He wasn’t always 100% on but he NEVER quit.

He had to deal with several physical and mental adversities along the way but still did it. I don’t think proud is a strong enough word for how I feel about this guy. To me he’s an inspiration and a real man. A man that made a promise to himself and kept it.

When I see him, I think to myself, if he can do that with everything stacked against him then I better do everything I can to be my best.

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