You Were Born That Way?

You Were Born That Way?

Hey guys,

jodi-after I just got this email and before and after pics from our client Jodi. She worked really hard for 90 days and has got the body to show for it. She didn’t want to lose weight but told me her main objective was to be her best for her upcoming 40th birthday. I told her that we got 90 days and if you want to be your best in that amount of time we gotta stay really tight with our nutrition. I told her that’s where the rubber meets the road in terms of seeing great results.

90 days later she sends me this and I was floored. She looks incredible and I can tell immediately that she listened loud and clear to the nutrition advice.

It got me to thinking…why don’t more people get the results they want? I think it’s because we are lazy. Yes, WE. WE are all lazy. Humans are always looking for the path of least resistance. We want the shortest route with no traffic, the shortest line at the grocery store, the fastest internet connection. We want fast and easy. We don’t want challenging and difficult. My belief is that we are ALL hard wired like that. Yep, we are born lazy.

Jodi-before-afterI think those we see that appear not to be lazy are actually lazy people in disguise. They are simply people that short circuited that thought process long enough to get what they actually want (which if it’s worth anything it’s gonna have it’s challenges and be difficult).

I think getting what you want in life ultimately comes down to 1 question: Would I rather work hard and be disciplined for a little while OR take the path of least resistance for a long time and feel guilty, depressed, and sink further into my hole. 90 days in a lifetime is not much time and even if it took someone a year to get it together that’s better than the alternative for 10 or 20 years of doing nothing about it.

Talk soon,

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