Anna’s Weight Loss Success Story

weight loss success story
Anna’s Weight Loss Success Story
Our client Anna started with us exactly 90 days ago. In that time she has lost over 18 pounds. Lost 5 inches off her waist. And 4.5 inches off her hips.Before I tell you the “how” I’d like to share the “why”.

When I sat down with Anna in March should told me her goal was to get healthy and feel comfortable again.

She wasn’t overly concerned with the number on the scale. She just wanted to feel well again.

Ya see, Anna was just diagnosed with TYPE 2 diabetes a month prior. Her A1C was an 8.9 – your A1C number is a marker of blood sugar control.

The range goes from a 6 to a 12. Something in the 6’s is good. A 12 is awful. An 8/9 means there’s a good chance down the road you may run into complications.

The most common complications from uncontrolled blood sugar are blindness, nerve damage, and amputations.

This was her WHY.

Your “why” is the reason you make every workout session even when you’re tired from a long day at work.

Your why is the reason you MAKE the time to eat a quick breakfast in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism.

Your why is the reason you keep going even when it’s not convenient or you don’t feel like it.

The key to massive success in anything we do in life, especially when it comes to our health, is to have A BURNING DESIRE.

That was her WHY.

Get healthy. Improve her A1C. And just feel comfortable again.

The HOW was simple. Not easy, but simple.

1. She worked out religiously 3 times per week with her trainer Doug. Side note: Doug’s the man!

2. She came in for her scheduled weigh-ins.

3. And MOST importantly she followed my nutrition plan to a T.

All of her hard work paid off in more than just inches and pounds.

Anna just went to the doctor this week and her A1C was 6.9! That might only seem like 2 points but for diabetics those 2 points can be the difference between losing your eye sight or not.

Anna was in tears in my office today after we weighed and measured her. They were of course happy tears.

She was most excited about her A1C.

She knows there’s still some weight to lose and improvement to be had but that’s the exciting part. What’s life if you don’t have something you’re trying to make better? Pretty boring and unfulfilling if you ask me.

As a business owner with TONS of overhead, my day to day involves tons of stress and responsibility bc as a business owner that’s what I signed up for. I have 800 things to worry about but when I looked into Anna’s tearing eyes today, all I could think about was: Yes Marc – this is why you do what you do!

Never ever give up,


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