Alla’s Story – Down 26 lbs in 6 weeks

alla success story
Alla’s Story – Down 26 lbs in 6 weeks

It was about a year ago when I first saw the flyer in my mailbox. It was about a great opportunity to join NJ Fitness Factory. I decided to look on the website and came across many amazing testimonials of people whose life had been changed. After seeing these testimonials and looking into what NJ Fitness Factory has to offer, it encouraged me to try it and change my life too.

Even though I wanted to start right away, I instead put this thought on hold and did not act upon it. Meanwhile, I kept going to different gyms (probably switched 4 or 5 of them within a couple of years), even tried to take a few personal training sessions to get the desired results. I came to find that the results were very temporary and I was exhausted after long workouts and many times good results would finish with injuries.

At times, I would stop exercising, and the weight would come up inevitably. To combat the weight gain, I was on a green juice cleanse, lemon fasts, and other weight control systems that did not encourage healthy living.

I would try and keep up my physical activity by using the treadmill and pilates power gym that I have at home. I kept pushing myself to drop the gained weight until next injury would come up and I would stop all over again. By this time, I almost gave up on exercising and became more focused on nutrition to get myself back to shape.

A year later I saw the flyer again and decided “why not?” By this time, I had tried almost everything and was ready for a lasting change.

Little did I know, I was in for a pleasant surprise. As soon as I walk through the door, I met smiling Marc who took his time to sit down with me and explained every single detail of what went wrong with my previous exercising experiences and diet. Even more comforting, Marc shared how NJ Fitness Factory can help. I took a leap of faith and signed up.

Since I had gained some weight, I asked to be placed in a group with newbies since the rest of the first group looked like a seasoned athletes to me. But within a second of my first class I felt enormous support, fun and energetic atmosphere and most of all – nobody judged my performance. I felt inspired, vibrant, energized, encouraged – even though my whole body was shaking after the class. And despite aching muscles and pouring sweat, I was happy.

The skillful team of instructors monitored my every move and corrected me if I was doing any exercises incorrectly. I became confident that it was possible to progress in physical fitness without injuries; but it did not stop there.

The educated nutritional directions that I received put me on a right path where I was able to correct my previous mistakes and misunderstanding about right way to nourish my body. They taught me how to rev up that “turbo” metabolism machine and keep it running day and night. Now I have energy all day long (and no, I am not drinking any coffee).

NJ Fitness Factory is a rare gem in the midst of today busy life where you can find amazing results and true support to achieve your goals. You cannot afford to miss it. I encourage everybody to give it a try!

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