9 Easy, Healthy Food Swaps That Can Save You 1,000 Calories

healthy food swaps
9 Easy, Healthy Food Swaps That Can Save You 1,000 Calories

Getting into great shape takes hard work. That’s why you’re going to the gym and watching what you eat. Yet, even with all of these efforts, results don’t come as easily as we want.

However, there are small, easy healthy food swaps that can make a huge difference. If each one saves you 100 calories or more, combined, all 9 will save you 1,000 calories. That’s small change leading to huge collective dividends. Take a look and get started today.

1. Go Topless

Not with your outfit, with your sandwiches. Ditching the top piece of bread from a sandwich or burger is one of the best healthy food swaps you can make. You still get all of the flavors and ingredients you’re craving, you’re just making a quick decision which helps you save serious calories.

english-muffin2. Downgrade your Bagel

Bagels are great, but they’re also very bad for you. One big bagel can easily equate to four individual pieces of bread. So when you’re looking for a bagel, make a smarter decision and choose an English muffin. You get a unique flavor and texture as opposed to standard sliced bread, and you’re slashing your caloric intake by half.

3. Switch to Skim

You don’t need to give up coffee, and you don’t need to drink it black. But ditch the cream, and switch to skim. With skim milk, you get some milky flavor and creaminess but with a fraction of the calories. While you’re at it, switch from those fancy lattes and whatever else you’re ordering at Starbucks and choose a regular coffee or tea instead.

4. Light Beer

Haven’t picked up a six pack of light beer since you were in college? Well, maybe you should have been doing it all along, because today’s light beers offer you less than 100 calories, while the heavier, more robust beers you likely enjoy more could double that easily.

orange5. Juices to Fruits

Do you drink a glass of orange juice with breakfast every day? Many of us do, or do so often. Yet, fruit juices provide you with a ton of sugar and calories, even if they’re all natural, that you could avoid by actually eating the whole fruit instead. Eat an orange, skip the OJ; eat an apple, skip the apple juice.

6. Snack Smarter

Peanut butter is a delicious snack, but it’s loaded with calories per serving. In moderation, it provides protein and healthy fats, but too much, and you’ve had more calories than you’d believe. Try alternative snacks, such as edamame, and dip in hummus or a low-fat yogurt dip.

7. Chocolate Milk

You can include chocolate milk in your nutritional program and still lose weight — that’s especially the case when your alternative was a chocolate milk shake, and your new option is reduced fat chocolate milk instead. You get that rich, creamy flavor, with a tiny portion of the calories you would have had.

bacon8. Bacon

Wait, you’re saying I can drink chocolate milk and eat bacon, really? Yes! The trick is to choose the right bacon, and to moderate your servings. Instead of going for pork, switch your bacon to turkey, and get a ton of robust flavor without all the grease and the guilt. If you must do pork, choose center cut slices, which are less fatty, and be sure to get as much fat cooked off the slice as possible.

9. Go Grape

Love raisins? They’re tasty, but come loaded with sugar and a handful can set you back in the calorie department before you know it. Instead, simply choose to eat fresh grapes. You still get great flavor, and a fun snack, but with far fewer calories.

If you make small changes like the healthy food swaps we’ve outlined here, then you can and will take charge of your nutritional intake, and begin shedding excess weight. With the help of a great exercise program from a personal trainer, you’ll be on your way to reaching all of your fitness goals once and for all.

Combine these healthy swaps with the kind of fantastic, proven exercise routines I can develop specifically for you, and you’ll enjoy amazing results. Take action and get started today.

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