4 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Self Motivation

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4 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Self Motivation

One of the most common problems that people face with their health and fitness plans is simply self motivation. It’s easier most times to skip the gym and the planned exercise, and to reach for that unhealthy food instead of following the nutritional program.

However, with the right tips and tricks on your side, anyone can begin being more self-motivating. Before looking at those helpful tips though, do you even know how to tell if you need a boost with your motivation? Here are a couple of examples, when you’re motivated, you…

…Wake up early and get that exercise in before the rest of your day.

…Put down the cheating snack even if it’s convenient.

…Pick the healthier item on the menu out of reflex.

…Get excited by pushing yourself your hardest for a training session.

…Are always aware of why you’re making the efforts you’re making.

If that’s not the way you’ve been thinking and feeling, then put these tricks to use.

1. Find Your Personal Motivation

Everyone is actually motivated for a different reason, so if you don’t really know the truth behind what is motivating you or not, then you’ll never get there. The trick here is that it can’t be vague or overly general. Getting into shape isn’t a good enough reason all on its own. So what is?

A few examples of personal motivation sources could be that you…

…want to improve the quality of your life via improved life.

…want more energy to play with your kids.

…want to fit into that old bathing suit by vacation.

…want to be confident enough to wear that skinny black dress.

…want to look at your best and more attractive for your spouse.

Of course, there could be infinite other reasons out there. It’s all about you, and you digging deep to find your own true self motivation.

2. Make it Real

You can make goals and ideas more real by taking steps to ensure they’re always with you. For example, write down your source of motivation in place you’ll see it every day, and it serves as a special little reminder for you.

When you see that reminder, visualize the goal, and see yourself accomplishing it once and for all. Practice that visualization, and always check in for the proof of your real motivation.

site-audit3. Plan it Out

Is it hard to fit in your workouts and stick to the right foods? You need a better and more specific plan. Map out the actions you’ll be taking, and how you’re going to reach your new goals.

You have two main objectives, maintaining the right nutritional program, and getting enough consistent and challenging exercise. So what type of routine will help you see each of those through?

Plan out the times, and choose exercise which is actually enjoyable for you. Otherwise you’ll never actually do it.

4. Get Support

Does it ever feel like your friends and family don’t support you enough? The truth is that in all likelihood, you didn’t ask for the kind of support you needed.

Share your goals with people, which will encourage them to be supportive, while also naturally making it even more real for you, and helping you to stay on track automatically. With your loved ones involved, you have support to lean on, and an extra source of motivation and accountability.

Of course, with a personal trainer on your side, you’ll gain the direct exercise knowledge, along with the encouragement you need, to always push through plateaus and obstacles.

Get in touch today and I can help you transform your life, with an entirely tailor-made program based on the 4 ideas above which can and will get you into spectacular shape.

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